Our Team

Executive Director, New York
Charissa Fernández leads the New York region toward a new ambitious vision of One Day in NYC.
Managing Director, Development
Coordinator, Community Affairs
Director, Programs Brooklyn
Director, Programs Bronx
Director, Institute Operations
Managing Director, Institute
Director, Programs- Bronx
Director, Programs Manhattan
Chief of Staff
Manager, Corps Operations (CM Culture & Case Management)
Vice President, Programs
Managing Director, Brooklyn Programs
Manager, Corps Operations
Director, Programs Brooklyn
Senior Managing Director, Manhattan Programs
Coordinator, Teacher Preparation Development
Director, People & Operations
Coordinator, Development
Director, Early Childhood Initiatives
Director, Programs Brooklyn
Director, Programs Manhattan
Associate, Executive Director Support
Manager, Corps Operations (School-Based Alumni Support)
Director, Hiring & Onboarding
Director, Communications & Marketing
Director, Talent Recruitment & Support
Manager, Alumni Projects
Director, Program Design
Director, Programs Brooklyn
Director, Alumni Affairs
Managing Director, Bronx Programs
Vice President, External Affairs
Director, Programs Bronx
Director, Institute Talent & Infrastructure

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