Our Team

Executive Director, New York
Charissa Fernández leads the New York region toward a new ambitious vision of One Day in NYC.
Managing Director, Development
Director, Recruitment Partnerships
Coordinator, Community Affairs
Director, Programs Manhattan
Director, Programs Brooklyn
Director, Programs Bronx
Director, Institute Operations
Managing Director, Institute
Director, Programs Bronx
Director, Programs- Bronx
Director, Programs Manhattan
Chief of Staff
Manager, Corps Operations (CM Culture & Case Management)
Vice President, Programs
Director, Individual Giving
Managing Director, Brooklyn Programs
Manager, Corps Operations
Director, Programs Brooklyn
Senior Managing Director, Manhattan Programs
Coordinator, Teacher Preparation Development
Managing Director, Community Affairs
Coordinator, Development
Director, Early Childhood Initiatives
Director, Programs Manhattan
Director, Data & Research
Associate, Executive Director Support
Director, Programs Brooklyn
Manager, Corps Operations (School-Based Alumni Support)
Director, Programs Brooklyn
Director, Hiring & Onboarding
Coordinator, Corps Operations
Director, Communications & Marketing
Director, Talent Recruitment & Support
Manager, Alumni Projects
Director, Program Design
Associate, Individual Giving
Director, Programs Brooklyn
Director, Alumni Affairs
Managing Director, Bronx Programs
Vice President, External Affairs
Director, Programs Bronx
Director, Institute Talent & Infrastructure

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